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About Shuffle Analytics


At Shuffle Analytics, it is anything but “business as usual.” Our team of business-minded engineers are always researching, testing, and “productionalizing” the newest technology from the ever-expanding data software industry and open source community. We are based in Reston, VA, but operate as a fully remote team that can travel onsite as needed.

With decades of experience in applied data science, we have become exceptionally skilled at tackling even the largest and most complex data problems. We’ve led massive projects at scale, like successfully creating and managing ETL processes which extract, ingest or process billions of rows of data. However, we have also executed small but very important projects like automating KPI & metrics collection processes, which have saved Product Owners and business users hundreds of hours of time. We have created powerful dashboards which have caused major process changes in entire departments, re-aligning around what was really important.

Strategy & Training

We are here to advise you on your company’s data strategy at any stage, even from the ground up. We also lead on-site, evidence-based training courses in many data capabilities so that your teams can assemble armed with the knowledge, guidance and tools that they need to become self-sufficient. Even if you’re a developer, it’s very easy to get lost or confused by jargon and the hype surrounding machine learning and AI. Many large companies have had very expensive data science efforts fail because there wasn’t an impactful business case or clearly defined objectives. Others have failed because data teams and data pipelines were built in the wrong order, or with the wrong priorities in mind. Honestly, mistakes can get expensive fast. We partner with you to help you solve your business challenges effectively.

Use cases

Many of our clients come to us with specific problems in mind, like:

  • “How do I figure out which potential customers to target based on my customers / sales?”
  • “How can I increase conversion on my product pages by (only) showing the most impactful product images (first)?”
  • “Every time I need this metric, I have to wait days for someone to pull it for me…”
  • “How can I get the data I need (faster)?”
  • “Can you automate a daily/weekly/monthly data export for our partner?”
  • “How can we use data science to improve our SEO?”

Other clients come to us without specific problems or analyses that they need conducted, but know that they are sitting on data that could potentially be very valuable to them. We can help you in either scenario.

More Examples

We recently built a model to help a sales team predict the volume of data they would recieve from their potential partners so that they could focus on the most impactful leads first. We have done a lot of work predicting the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on teams and businesses, tweaking 5 year models so that businesses can make timely decisions now. We have built many interactive web applications (and Shiny apps) for teams to analyze and get meaning from data instantly.


The engineers at Shuffle Analytics are very familiar with a large range of data technologies, and new ones are always being tested, expanding the capabilities of the team. Because we have data engineering and admin experience in building (not just using) databases and data lakes/data wearhouses, we can advise and work with your development & DevOps teams to build infrastructure for you, or do it ourself in many cases. We have collected data from many different file formats, APIs (including SOAP, REST, and GraphQL), and data sources (Hadoop, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, etc.) using many different tools and languages (R, Python, Julia, Spark, etc.), both on-premise and in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure/Databricks). We can design using the most appropriate tools to seamlessly integrate into your current systems.

Our values

We believe in investing in both our clients and processes, so we have explicily developed some key values to guide us. They include:

  • Partnership. Integration with our clients as a partner, aligned with their business goals.

  • Empathy. Listening to the client and understanding needs before proposing technical solutions. Communicating without jargon.

  • Repeatability. Everything we do should be repeatable if necessary and well documented.

  • Hustle. Conducting work efficiently and thoroughly: Fast results with no shortcuts.

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